Jamie DeBree

Another very thought provoking post from Kris…long, but well-worth the time.

True! Although the title is potentially misleading… ;-)

Read & take heed…wise words from Elana.

Best. Pep talk. Ever.

A thousand times, yes.

Recognizing you’re an introvert (or an extrovert, for that matter) is important, I think…because finally you realize that there really isn’t anything “wrong” with you, it’s just who you are, and how you deal with the world. Recognizing extroverts & introverts helps you to better deal with people on their level too.

Knowledge is power.

If I had the capitol, I do believe I’d look into starting an indie bookstore right about now…would compliment my publishing business nicely, methinks.

Click! Win Books! You know you want to… ;-)


Excellent discussion of tone and using it deliberately online.